Contributors and Acknowledgements

MWIA wants to thank all contributors of cases!
Clarissa Fabre, Amnesty International, Rachel Walter, Mercedes Viteri, Japanese medical Women´s Association, Omiepirisa Buowari, Shelley Ross, Helen Goodyear, Laura Lanza, Janet Dollin, Bettina Pfleiderer, Raie Goodwach, Marie-Dominique Ghnassia, Eleanor Ann Nwadinobi, Usha Saraiya, Radhika Joshi, Afua Hesse, Marie-Louise Fasshauer, Irina Lindqvist, Nadia A. Kotb, Christiane Pouliart, Daisy Odundo, Carol Odula

Past MWIA President: Prof. Kyung Ah Park for choosing as the theme for her triennium: “Prevention and elimination of domestic and sexual violence” and for her strong support of this project.

Members of the MWIA working group on violence
Afua Hesse, Antonella Vezzani, Bettina Pfleiderer, Caroline Sheldrick, Jessica Lochtenberg, Mandakini Megh, Mervat ElRafie, Michiko Suwa, Erika Strazdins, Isobelle Woodruff, Rachel Walter Suzanne Harrison

MWIA review and editing board of the cases
Helen Goodyear, Gail Beck, Afua Hesse, Bettina Pfleiderer, Clarissa Fabre, Rachel Walter

Formatting of cases and information sheets: Jessica Lochtenberg

Editing Team:
Pam Liao, Pretty Verma and Shyama Das for their work of putting everything online.
Since 2017 Bettina Pfleiderer and Hans-Georg Schulze