About this Project

This project arose as MWIA President Prof. Kyung Ah Park decided to focus on the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls during her triennium 2013-2016.

It began by conducting a survey of our member countries to assess the individual national situation relating to violence. 32 national medical women associations and/or national experts responded, identifying gaps, successes and challenges.

One of the questions we asked was: “What could MWIA do to support you?”

Their answers can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide a global perspective on the scope of the issue and impact on victims
  • Provide knowledge translation: what programmes have worked? Which ones have failed? What preventive measures were successful?
  • Provide training and teaching material for medical women

Following on from this information, MWIA decided to draft a teaching document centered on case studies provided by many of our national associations. We received 35 case studies with narrative text, background material, teaching points and helpful links/references from all over the world. Cases have a high region specificity.

This teaching resource on violence

  • Will be a door opener for advocacy
  • Will raise awareness among physicians and will provide knowledge transfer
  • Should be used and integrated into national medical curricula
  • Could be used to train physicians at every professional level : from junior to senior for example in workshops

We hope this resource will create new alliances, raise healthcare workers’ knowledge of violence and initiate action!

Dr Helen Goodyear
Chair of MWIA working group on Violence

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer who initial led on the project